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Roles of Jesus


Teacher. Rabbi. Messiah. King. Savior. Redeemer. Friend. Christ. Servant. Son. Prophet. Man. God. Rebel. Revolutionary. Priest. Intercessor.

The roles of Jesus. All true.

But what if I don't see them all? What if I believe in him, but only one part of him? Or in only three parts of him? What if I love Jesus the man? Will he accept that love? What if I follow Jesus the rabbi? Does that following meet his command to "Learn of me"? What if I believe in the teacher? Is that faith sufficient?

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On a recent fall night, I went to a concert. A singer-songwriter played whose music remains on a regular rotation in my four-disc changer. And though his work is not overtly "sacred," leaning much more "secular," I shared with a friend my suspicions about this musician's knowledge of Jesus.

My friend's look said, "Do you know anything at all? Have you heard his songs about booze and women and drugs? Do you know what Jesus said?" I just smiled. The exchange brought me back to Jesus' words in Matthew 5:22.

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The Best Students


During Jesus' life and teaching, one group refused to listen. They were those who believed they already had all the answers. They were the religious elite. They had no time for Jesus because they already solved life's mysteries and refused to ask further questions.

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Bless God's Heart


I prayed this morning. No, I didn't quite pray; I unloaded. Some people have those deep prayers where they sit and listen for God. The late Mother Teresa, when asked what she said when she prayed, replied, "Nothing. I just listen." When asked what God said, she replied, "Nothing. He just listens, too."

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