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Moving Mountains

Mark McComas

The Scriptures quote Jesus as saying that if you have the faith of a mustard seed, you should be able to tell a mountain to throw itself into the sea — and it would happen.

This passage has haunted me for the better part of my life. Really? I don't even have the faith of a tiny little mustard seed?

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His Impression

Chase Fisher

When the Pharisees came to Jesus, they thought they had Him trapped (Mark, chapter 12). Their plan was this: Ask him whether or not one should pay taxes, and there was, so it seemed, no way to answer without incriminating himself.

First, should he say not to pay taxes, he would be labeled and incriminated a rebel against the Roman occupation.

Or, should He say to pay taxes to Caesar, he would be viewed as a traitor against his own people. 

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Holy House, Hollow House

Mark McComas

On either end of my block stand two church buildings, two small but elegant cathedrals. They have stood here for a long time, but now remain unvisited and empty.

Seeing a prime location and lovely architecture, a developer purchased them. He reworked the interiors and transformed cavernous, vacant sanctuaries into a lucrative investment. These once historic churches now provide sanctuary for the few people who call these luxury condos home.

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Unlovable Self

Chase Fisher

Today it makes sense. I don’t know why it makes sense today, but it does. Here’s the thing: I always suspected that when someone got too close to me, he or she would be repelled, and I would suffer rejection. This has become a self-fulfilling prophecy . . . when my friends get a little too close, they’ll experience the one of my many imperfections that drives them crazy.

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