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For Whom


We’re driven to appear employable. We seek out BAs, internships, MBAs and JDs. Some of us, however, don’t want to work for anyone else; we’d rather set our own hours, own a business, and drive the vision of our workdays. So our ostensible options are working for others or working for ourselves. Our option is not ever to not work; we will work. The question is for whom.

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Too Simple


Some people remain in an esoteric world that has little take-away value. A few people I know have a gift of making the apparently complex understandable and livable. Jeremy being one of these, I called him.

 "What is Jesus telling us with this passage in John 15? Abide? Remain? Would it not have been easier to say something like, ‘Stay connected to me’?” I asked.

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Things I Own?


Think about all the things you “own”. You have clothes, an iPod, shoes, books, a computer, a car, a surfboard and nifty North Face pack. A lot of time goes toward their acquisition and care.

Your flat screen, your PC (or Mac), your mountain bike, your oriental rug, your jewelry, your Peruvian masks. How much emotion and thought orbit these objects? How much attends to their maintenance and preservation? How much do you work to accumulate more goods, or care for the ones you have?

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Passing On?


Few people focus on making money in their later days. As the twilight of their time here approaches, people rarely look to boast of achievements or primp their appearance. They don’t lord official or material authority over others. People nearing the end tend to deal the questions within.

The deathbed turns a person’s thoughts to something higher. The old ways of the self fall to the side as eyes start searching for meaning, identity and purpose.


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You can’t make yourself grow. You cannot tell muscle, sinew and bone to expand. This power does not belong to you.

You can, however, make for an environment that fosters growth. You can put the right things into your body. You can exert yourself in such a way that the body responds with growth. You can rest so that the body has time to recover. You can supplement a healthy diet with creatine, protein powders and a dash of HGH. You can even enlist Balco to help you. All of these together create an environment for growth.

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Moving Mountains

Mark McComas

The Scriptures quote Jesus as saying that if you have the faith of a mustard seed, you should be able to tell a mountain to throw itself into the sea — and it would happen.

This passage has haunted me for the better part of my life. Really? I don't even have the faith of a tiny little mustard seed?

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