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Person of Love


Who really expects love to deliver anymore? We hear the word everywhere, but we also see the reality in the same places.

A girl seeing someone was asked if she’d consider a date with someone else. She replied, “He’s not my boyfriend, but I don’t want to jeopardize anything.”

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Giving From Nothing


Viktor Frankl describes the experience of nakedness in Auschwitz, a World War II Nazi concentration camp. When he had nothing – truly nothing – death no longer held fear over him.

By this time, he had lost his family, his career, his strength, his money, his possessions, his house, his clothing and his identity. The Nazis reduced him to a walking skeleton who answered to a number. Only then could he face death without wincing, knowing he had nothing to lose.

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He Just Loved Them There


Have you seen the protestors who attend the funerals of failed soldiers?  Their banner scream, "God hates you!"  "You're going to Hell!"?  Thus they protest against government policies they claim God punishes by death in battle.  They claim they stand against immorality and godlessness.  No one has responded favorably to them or their tactics.

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The Whole World Will Know


Jesus says God wants to save the world. He then teaches his followers to love one another. That’s his master plan: love.

Jesus says the world will know that God sent Jesus if his followers have “complete unity” (John 17:23).

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