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Too Simple


Some people remain in an esoteric world that has little take-away value. A few people I know have a gift of making the apparently complex understandable and livable. Jeremy being one of these, I called him.

 "What is Jesus telling us with this passage in John 15? Abide? Remain? Would it not have been easier to say something like, ‘Stay connected to me’?” I asked.

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You can’t make yourself grow. You cannot tell muscle, sinew and bone to expand. This power does not belong to you.

You can, however, make for an environment that fosters growth. You can put the right things into your body. You can exert yourself in such a way that the body responds with growth. You can rest so that the body has time to recover. You can supplement a healthy diet with creatine, protein powders and a dash of HGH. You can even enlist Balco to help you. All of these together create an environment for growth.

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Holy House, Hollow House

Mark McComas

On either end of my block stand two church buildings, two small but elegant cathedrals. They have stood here for a long time, but now remain unvisited and empty.

Seeing a prime location and lovely architecture, a developer purchased them. He reworked the interiors and transformed cavernous, vacant sanctuaries into a lucrative investment. These once historic churches now provide sanctuary for the few people who call these luxury condos home.

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