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Reflections on the Year


Reflections on the Year


Dear Interns,

Thought you might enjoy these thoughts from an intern....

I wrote this to the Lord while reflecting on the year in my journal, and wanted to share it with you.

I asked and you answered.
I sought after you and you sent me here.
You deciphered the unsaid groaning of my soul and gave me more than I ever imagined.
You gave me friends in every nation on Earth,
You gave me resources in extravagant abundance.
You connected me with people who have spent their lives seeking your face.
You gave me wealth and riches.
You have taught me the hidden secrets of authority,
You have given me the keys to learning.
I am blessed beyond comprehension.
You have given me sight to see that anything is possible.
Like a Father crouching to be with his son, 
You have gotten on your knees for me.
The rulers and authorities of the world are my neighbors,
As are the young men in the slums of Nairobi.
But what is power? What is charity?
True authority comes only from you,
And only you are good.
With regards to further purpose and direction,
What else can I do than pursue my most recent prayer and latest question?