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The Ways of God


The Ways of God


Points from David made at Cancun and thought you might enjoy them.

If you want to do what God wants you to do, do the opposite of what seems natural and you will probably be closer to what God wants you to do.  Jesus makes trouble. He thinks different than we do.  His ways are higher than ours.

The ways of God (how His ways are different than ours):

1. He does best with less. He does more with less.  He likes small, broken things.
We want to feed the nations; he says just feed your neighbor. Of the one hundred greatest people of all time, many of them never went to school.  God can raise people up. God does not share His glory with men.

2. There is no way for any of us to compare righteousness, yet we do it every day. We think there are bad people and good people.  He has one valuable thing about each of us....we were chosen.  That is what makes us special.

3. We here on earth are involved in a story. In your story, you start with wanting something then develop working it out. In God's story, we don't see the resolution on this side. Are you in your story or are you in his story. God is unconcerned with the plans of men. God's method has never been money, it has always been men. He is watching us by what we desire and how much we are suffering....he is measuring us by this.

4. Ten commandments, we think of that as law. The god of the universe who made us gave us ten. We invent our own. Stay in these boundaries and it is safe. We make up additional ones because we want to ignore the first ten.

5. God is not a socialist. He gives differently to each of us. It matters how we live our life here.

6. God has no regard for religion. If He thought religion mattered we would all be Jewish. He chooses who is out and who is in.

7.We think our faith saves us....knowing about Jesus. The demons were the first to know God. Knowledge doesn't save anyone.

8. God does not need our help. He doesn't need us He wants us. Jesus is doing the work. We are invited to participate with him. We are in the way and slowing him down....ex: grandson on lawnmower.

9. Faith: The faith that each of us have we should not be proud of. Faith is authored by God and finished by God. Love your friend that you want to have faith.

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