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In this morning’s, I read eight inspiring stories of survivors of the World Trade Center attack of 9-11. I also happen to have read Genesis 11, the story of the Tower of Babel. As I pondered whether there was any connection between the two stories, several parallels came to mind.

First, in both cases, massive towers constructed by men were thwarted. In one case the efforts were divided by God himself, the ultimate good. In the other case, the buildings were brought to the ground by international terrorists, evil incarnate.

In both cases, men were attempting to make a name for themselves. The Tower of Babel stood for all civilizations to witness. The World Trade Center towers also stood as an accomplishment for all to see.

In both cases, mankind learns a valuable lesson: Success on this earth is fleeting. And whether, by evil or by good, the accomplishments of this world will be destroyed.

We also happen to have discussed this topic at our men’s meetings morning. We discussed how we focus so deeply on our accomplishments. Yet these accomplishments are fleeting. People who reach the greatest mountaintops are only allowed a few moments to enjoy the top. They must rush down the mountain in a small window of time. Their effort is remembered more for the climb than for reaching the Summit.

The Lord grants us a certain amount of provisions for life on earth. We are only allowed a certain amount of time, life, health, favor, money, food, social standing, friendships, etc. Our job, should we choose to accept it, is to transform these resources into the building of the kingdom of God. And I find our God ever so creative in helping us along the way.


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