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A Word to the Wise


A Word to the Wise


This morning a friend talked about words in our Monday group.

The discussion that followed was stimulating. You see, words have weight; they have density. Words linked together can become a curse or a blessing.

One friend described one such curse that was tossed at his friend by his father. The young man had moved away to work in a distant place, while his brother stayed home and worked for the dad. When the brother at home died, the other brother came home to work with his father. It must not have gone well. At one point the father flashed out in anger at the surviving brother:

“The wrong son died.”

Another in the group described a young Marine who pulled a piece of paper from his wallet. The paper was tattered and well worn. When asked, the Marine said the note was the result of an activity lead by a high school teacher. The teacher had asked each person to write something affirming about each of the others. The teacher then sorted the responses, typed them up, and gave each student a copy of what others had said about him or her.

James exhorts us: “Be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger.”

This is good advice, considering the impact of our words.


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