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What God Can Do With A Little Space


What God Can Do With A Little Space


I was reminded last week of how many retreats I have attended. I keep hoping that I will go to just the right one that will truly make me a better person for life. The trouble is, after going to retreat after retreat, I still do bad things. I violate my principles. I think the wrong way. And I fail to turn my best intentions into good works.
I am finding out that the vision of the ”Good Brad” is just an illusion.

I am not any better, despite what my mother would tell you.

I’m beginning to realize that even when I am at my very best, some form of the following happens:

  1. I face a situation that overwhelms me.

  2. I realize that I am broken and, despite my best efforts, cannot fix it.

  3. I make a confession, or I release the matter, or I somehow stop and allow some space that I myself choose to resist from filling.

  4. I bend the knee to pray, inviting Jesus into the space I’ve just made for him.

  5. He performs his best works.

  6. Then I am allowed to watch what happens, much as Gideon did after sending most of his army home.

  7. Again somehow it seems like such a massive hurdle is reduced to a short step.

Oh, that I could find a way to make more and more space for Jesus in my life.


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