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This is something we wrote to kick off the Revolworks blog way back in 2006, but thankfully the words all still hold their meanings today.  The message remains pertinent as, in 2019, we attempt to breathe life into this project once more:

Words remain those magical little things that contain so much meaning. Each collection of symbols evokes a certain image, tone or emotion. They are the basic building blocks of communication.

“Oh, that’s just semantics,” people say as they write off someone’s thought. Well truthfully, everything is semantics. Words make a difference. And when we speak (or write) a word that is a second cousin to the intended one, we risk misunderstanding.

Enough of the sermon. Please pardon me. I’m a recovering newspaper editor.

The Old Testament stories reveal the importance of words to God. He spoke creation into existence (see Genesis, chapter 1). He asked Adam to name the creatures (Genesis 2:18-24). This was somehow important in the mind of God.

As we (once again) kick off the blog, we are reminded of the importance of words. Here are a few things to remember:

Not everything we read is true, especially on the internet, and including our website. I learned this very clearly in the newspaper and radio industry. Even with the full integrity of the writer, people sometimes get things wrong. So don’t believe everything you read or hear.

Some words mean different things to different people. The word “Christian” stands at the top of this list. So we’ll try to explain everything we can. If you still don’t understand, don’t hesitate to send your question to the writer.

As important as doctrine is, we don’t advocate any particular doctrine here. Some of our writers may discuss their particular views. We encourage this, as well as any healthy disagreements that may result. Be we adopt no particular doctrine here, save the words we read in the scriptures.

We ask our writers, as well as those of you who will respond, to write using inclusive words and to avoid man-made doctrines.

Thanks for tuning in.


Ⓒ Revolworks 2019