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Grace or Justice?


Grace or Justice?


“Give me a break.”
“Cut me some slack.”
“Why don’t you just lay off a little bit?”

These are the pleas that we utter begging for grace from our fellow humans. Grace is so attractive, so forgiving, so life-changing, so freeing… We all crave it from the bottom of our hearts. And when we are given grace, or forgiveness, it is a feeling of freedom like none other.

I have heard grace defined as unmerited favor. How nice is that? That we could get favor, or reward, without having to earn it.

“I guess he got what he deserved.”
“I hope somebody knocks him down a couple pegs.”
“It’s so great that that guy got caught.”

This is how we talk about other people. We demand justice. Our words say that everyone should get his or her just reward.

But is this what we really want? Do any of us really want to get what we deserve?

What if we turned these two thoughts upside down? What if we actually wanted to give grace to other people, and absorb justice ourselves? Clearly this is counterintuitive. And personally, I like the first idea better than the second.

We all want grace. None of us really wants justice. So how can we become better at extending grace?


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