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A Letter to My Sons


A Letter to My Sons


I have three sons that live in different parts of the country. A few months ago, I wrote them a letter while considering the impact of a president’s life:

To my three amazing sons,

Gentlemen, today I was reflecting on the life of a US President, and was struck that there are so many lessons for us all. He was truly a man of his generation, influenced and molded as we all are by our surroundings and situations. Yet when he was faced with decisions that could have led to a life of more ease, less pain, more popularity, or less criticism he stood firm for what he believed. He was a gentleman, gracious and humble, yet confident enough to stand up and advocate. He valued service and duty, but he was also known for loving with a tender heart.

All of us have been blessed by the Lord with an amazing family, good minds and strong bodies, financial security, and top notch educational opportunities. Each of you has excelled and also become outstanding young men of integrity and grit. Just like this man who served as president, we need to accept that not as our birthright or privilege but as a blessing to then use to help others.

Make hard choices even if it means putting yourself last. Be willing to stand up for justice and for right causes, even if you have to stand alone. Look out for those disadvantaged or bullied, and be their voice or protector. Be a leader wherever you are. Love your family and friends well, and always let them know how important they are. Write notes of thanks and appreciation. Be Roosevelt’s “man in the arena” — dare to dream big dreams and chase them. Succeed with humility and gratitude. Fail with honor and own it, but use it to motivate you to overcome.

You already have shown that you will be great men. I am honored to be your dad, and grateful to each of you for the blessing that you are to me. In it with you…




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