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The Better Boast


“Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure.” — J.K. Rowling

People are impressed with strength, wisdom and riches (not to mention beauty, wit and talent). God is not, unless of course, it is used by Him. The things God delights in are much less visible, much less recognizable, much more difficult to attain, and most importantly, given very little attention in this life.

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Poor Dad, Rich Dad


Robert Kiyosaki wrote a book called "Rich Dad, Poor Dad." This gist is that you can make more money through income-generating assets. Read: real estate. Kiyosaki claims to teach you how to make money the way his "rich dad" mentor, not his "poor dad" paternal father, taught him.

The "rich dad" can obiously teach you how to generate income, but can he necessarily teach you why you should make it?

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Vested Interest


Someone told me that if you’d owned one share of Coca-Cola stock one hundred years ago, it would’ve split one thousand times by this point. No one I know has held shares of anything for a century, but you get the point.

Albert Einstein said, “The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest.” The longer the interest accumulates, the faster it grows by turns.

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Possessed of a Cause


These people always intrigue and sadden me: they have bumper stickers decrying the plight of a people or the earth. They rally and picket. They have a cause (or maybe the cause has them). And they’re filled with rabid poison toward their adversaries.

You know them. They show up on 24-hour news channels, in your college classrooms, at protests and political fundraisers. They burn with passion for their cause, supposedly spurred on by love. But you can feel their anger and bitterness.

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The House of Stewards


Jesus tells a parable about people and what they’ve received. Some Wall Street aficionados might tout this as Jesus’ endorsement for capitalism, but we can safely assume the waters run more deeply than financial theory.

A wealthy man had given three of his brokers three different sums of money to manage. Time passes and he returns, asking each man for an accounting of his investments.

“How have you managed what I gave you?”

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