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Old Covenant/New Covenant


Life is not fair. How often did my mom remind me after I returned home from yet another day of childhood injustice?

“I know,” “I know,” I would say, but inside something craved the fairness I adamantly thought I deserved. It is not fair for everyone, but it should be fair for me, I argued with myself. I want the extra helping, the lucky break and the extra provision. I want things I don’t deserve. And yet simultaneously, I want to deserve them.

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Entailments of a Covenant


I sat in a wooden pew. Candles lit the altar and illuminated the shadows of the ornately cavernous chapel ceiling. Organs and bagpipes sang traditional songs, and a radiant woman dressed in white walked expectantly down the long aisle on the arm of her father, who smiled with both joy and sadness.

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